Peace of mind, secured.

We aim to create safer communities through shared security solutions, accessible and malleable to real life security needs.

Who are we ?

Comma, Secured is more than just about security,

We want safer neighbourhoods, and peace of mind for everyone in them.

We want to help the police more accurately and efficiently allocate their resources by cutting down on false alarms and quickening response times.

We want to provide the latest technology at affordable, no-frills prices and no locked-in contracts.

We want to provide an alternative to home security alarm systems that require lots of hardware, installations, and expensive add-ons with no on-site assistance.

In other words, we want you to feel safe, whenever, wherever.

What makes us
different ?

To keep it simple: our alarm response.

We promise you fast on-site assistance.

We’ll provide you with aerial visual assistance, while an operator is able to chat with you through our app-based service. We will also notify the police for you once an incident is visually confirmed, which will quicken the attendance of police at the scene.

Comma, Secured can be a standalone service or one you can integrate with other alarm systems if you have one already in place so that a drone is called when your alarm is triggered.

Check out our FAQ page if you have any questions.